What To Wear

You just booked your session and you are now in panic mode—what do you wear?! Well, hopefully I can ease your anxiety with these helpful hints. Remember, the days of white tops and jeans are over! It’s time to embrace individuality and rock the many looks that make you and your crew unique.

1. Skip anything with logos (they are way too distracting!)

2. Steer away from fluorescent colors—they will create bad color casts and never show up very nicely in photos. If you have a reddish tint to your skin, steer away from bright reds as this will accentuate that and make editing a nightmare! I love “gem” colors—they tend to look good on everyone!  (navy blue, mustard yellow, emerald,  plum, etc…)

3. Pick one outfit and build around it. The goal is to look cohesive and coordinated without being “matchy matchy”. Pick 2-3 colors to use in your family photos and perhaps an accent color.

4. Wear clothes that are flattering to your unique body shape! We all love different parts of our body, so be sure to cover the parts you are sensitive about and flaunt your favorite features!

5. Make sure the clothes fit! That means biting the bullet and buying kid clothes that fit them now—not to grow into ☺

6. Layers and accessories! They add dimension and interest to photos, so be sure to layer up! That could mean a fitted jacket, cardigan, scarf, chunky sweaters, fun jewelry, colorful tights for little girls, suspenders for little boys, cute hats…you get the idea!

7. Ladies—remember to give some attention to those nails. Make sure they are trimmed and either polished or clean.

8. Don’t forget the shoes! Since I’m not a shoe gal, this is hard for me, but oh so important for pictures. Shoes will complete an outfit, so pay attention to what you wear on your feet! For babies who aren’t walking, bare feet is best ☺

9. Dress for the location! Don’t show up in a suit and tie for pictures in a field. Save those for a more urban/up-town setting. If you are taking pictures at the beach, don’t show up in sweaters and scarves. You want the pictures to look natural!

what to wear

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