Denver Portrait Photographer | Naomi

One of the hardest things about moving across the country is being away from my sisters–my best friends. So when my little sister booked a ticket to see me over Thanksgiving I was SO excited! Excited for girl time shopping, getting coffee, going to the movies, walks–all the things I miss doing with my sisters.

Of course Denver decided to be FREEZING and CLOUDY on the weekend she came. Good thing it made for some beautiful pictures in the foothills.

2015-12-14_0001 2015-12-14_0002 2015-12-14_0003 2015-12-14_00102015-12-14_0004 2015-12-14_0005 2015-12-14_0006 2015-12-14_0007 2015-12-14_0008 2015-12-14_0009

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